With less than a month to go for the ‘Union Budget 2019- India’, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is yet to introduce the Budget on 5th July. After the formation of NDA government for the second consecutive time, Narendra Modi led BJP holds its position better compared to the previous election results.

Now its the time to guess possibilities for the upcoming parliament budget after Sitharaman’s gesture as an FM. However, the stubborn lady gave a great pull in the ministry of Defence for the first term of NaMo’s government at the centre.

Nirmala Sitharaman requests suggestions

Nirmala Sitharaman has recently responded with a tweet via ‘mygov.in’ account on social media asking public views for the forthcoming Union Budget 2019. Enormous responses from various sections involving people directly have been flowing for the tweet.

Union Budget 2019
An Image posted by Yahoo with regards FM Sitharaman requesting suggestions for Budget 2019.

Also, the minister in action sets a deadline as 20th June for suggestions from public. This move forecasts the possibilities and reviews to be seen into before taking appropriate suggestions into documents of the Budget. 

So, a never ending dream world of Indian Economy with huge challenges is now again to be set up with few solutions in the next budget yet to come.

Different sections of people & suggestions- Expectations of Union Budget 2019

  • Educational Loans with lowest interest rates is a suggestion from students to the FM. However this might be a possibility to implement in this Budget.
  • Prospective business owners get in to find a regulation act for Crypto Currency. This might get worked through, else a definitive action in the next union budget.
  • Subsidies on Dishwashers are a general view from many housewives. Government might have an eye as such products have become a domestic compulsion for many above-middle-class and affluent families in India.
  • Differing Tax Slab Adjustments from many sections with respect to business people and middle class, in particular. Adjustments are an expectation but might vary with public views.
  • Gambling is now brought to a next phase by brokerage agencies, betting at its peaks. When most of the developed countries have this legalized, why not a country with such a vast population gets legal permissions asks many interested folks.
  • Rehabilitation for Beggars is on the cards as an intimidation from few citizens as they throw light on future consequences if neglected. Government might allocate part of budget for this section to provide proper food and lifestyle.
  • Just before the elections 2019, India had to overrule Pakistan’s attack against Pulwama attack which the whole world is aware of. Restriction for such acts and consequences is knocked by Increasing Armed Weapons for the country. Budget allocation is an expectation on this segment.

Public View on Indian Budget- Before and Now

The general public’s view on Indian Budget is so baseless, this in fact is a word way back couple of decades ago. The knowledge that a citizen holds is in such a manner that he/she is aware of very few implementations of Budget to the economy. Time changed as the progress in people’s minds has now grown up as in all aspects.

Many of us including middle class and few in lower class of India calculate math to know how India is growing in terms of Economy. But the rich people have always been following well about the facts and figures of government’s budget implementations before and now.

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