As the Technology progresses, we have been witnessing significant changes in the field of Technology. This massive growth took place from the mid 1990’s till now and going beyond as many developed and developing countries have been showing a great interest in developing various Technologies & Applications.

Let’s take a look of the Present Technologies that are buzzing:

1. Artificial Intelligence- Major source of Technology:

Artificial Intelligence (AI), most heard term in recent times is a ubiquitous technology to implement by many corporates. A computer controlled robot that implements human intelligence in machines is nothing but AI. Major changes in business strategies to gain development at a faster pace is what most of the large companies should bring with AI. However this development is a tragic move that reduces down manpower drastically. Also, this acceleration in development is the biggest challenge to face by many organizations.

Machine Learning:

As a branch of AI, Machine Learning (ML) is another area in which business development is faster. Most organizations are focusing to analyze data automatically with ML and develop business in a smarter way. Unlike the traditional pattern recognition by machines, which might soon not seen as the world progresses. This technology doesn’t involve much of programming algorithms but is carried out in varied methods of supervised and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning doesn’t need a data scientist with relative skills to provide feedback on algorithms performed, Unsupervised learning needs a data scientist to provide input or feedback to the algorithms and the machine itself concludes with an output.

2. Market Automation- Agile Successful Technique:

Automation of marketing actions like sales, purchases is the major goal of this technique or technology. In detail, Marketing Automation (MA) can have easier growth rate of business. This is with a systematic software to automate tasks via various media channels like emails and social posts. A strategy that transforms customers into delighted customers by publishing genuine content of the item, where in lot of eCommerce based businesses follow the same formula.

This technology is applicable both for B2B and also B2C operations, like wise it is suitable for all the sizes of businesses- Small, Medium and Large. It leverages strong customer relationships along with best customer experiences which are the major advantages of growing business. Apart from these benefits, another advantage is management of large lead databases without missing out any sector of market.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)- Progressive Smarter Technology:

With the invention of smart phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets, internet or data usage has reached many hands and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

An alarm gadget or device that starts the day to gadgets in daily use that are portable for connection to the internet, is nothing but Internet of Things (IoT). So many Tech companies are looking forward to develop IoT and produce varied features by interconnecting gadgets with each other to reduce the possibility of human errors to occur.

And obviously with advancement taking place each day, intelligence is featuring electronics with the collaboration of multiple devices. This progressive smarter advancement drives the technology to introduce alot of things in the future that interact with the people.

4. Java Scripts- Trending Technology with many Versions:

This is the pure form of code language that exists in various versions with respect to different time frames. Java Scripts play a major role with dynamic script language developed to control the behavior of web pages with front-end coding, desktops and servers with back-end coding. It is otherwise known as ECMA Script.

Many websites developed in the recent past used Angular & JQuery (Vue.js). This was a significant success in the implementation which was not actually expected as ‘React’ was in full swing by then. And now still ‘Angular’ stands to be Trending Technology that might last long in the future.


Now is the time for business firms to invest money on these respective Trending Technologies and rise their businesses. As these contemporary technologies have a great scope in the future too, the best efforts are to be put in practice for achievement of great results. So finally it is the present trending technologies would be surely helpful in developing more Information Technologies that drive the world more innovative.

‘A prediction that would set the pace for the digital revolution’ -Moore’s Law.

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