The retail or e-commerce segment has been witnessing a full flow with online sales, for over a decade. The shopping trends by most consumers in terms of demand replicate the way it’s growing. Since its inception, retailers are keen on developing their businesses time-to-time.

The collaboration of supply chain partners for a win-win strategy is much achievable with contemporary practices in businesses, over the internet. Also, supply chain challenges are evolving around the growth market.

What are Supply Chain Challenges?

The competition, size, sustainability, and customer-centric behavior of any business play a significant role in the supply chain. Challenges in Supply Chain for retailers emerge when the digital approach towards the consumer market is lacking.

Effective supply chain management reveals the careful balance of all the common challenges and the creation of a comprehensive system to micro-manage all the aspects time-to-time. Let’s discuss the collection of the top five supply chain challenges to avoid potential pitfalls in the online retail segment!

5 Types of Supply Chain Challenges

The way the shopping style has changed in this tech-savvy era showcases the mindset of customer’s psychology in their respective interests and shopping needs. So, with the types of service they provide, online retailers can overcome the below challenges in the supply chain.

Challenge #1: Inaccurate Inventory Levels

The business model (Online or Physical presence) is the foremost aspect to meet today’s world. Although most businesses run multiple physical stores, the consumer behavior towards shopping online is forcing big brands to make an online presence. Yet, accurate inventory tracking is a major drawback that has to be fixed with stocking units, supply, and after-sales support.

Challenge #2: Inadequate Infrastructure

No business dares to cut shot operations, especially when higher revenue is possible with perfect expectations. However, this focus area with improper predictions in the retail segment draws the Challenges in Supply Chain.

Besides, below three key pillars are at stake when streamlining the business across proximity and expectations rolling opposite:

3 areas to be considered when going online

  • Mobility
  • Visibility
  • Flexibility of growth.

Alignment of all the mentioned areas can drive business with zero redundancy, and focus on proper management.

Challenge #3: Below Par Logistics

The generation of smooth and accurate logistics is another key area that most businesses face as a challenge. Most small or medium-sized retailers can overcome the issue with transporting made costlier each day, by partnering with better and reliable product delivery or supply chain management.

Challenge #4: Weaker Relationship Management

Dealing with suppliers is a time-consumption factor, while brands associate with large supply chains to overcome competition, both online and at stores. Integrating every supplier into their chain is possible with improvement in standards to attract customers, and identify opportunities.

Challenge #5: Slower Product Delivery and Support

Delivering products on time is really important for any business to sustain with high reputation, in terms of marketing or branding. Overcoming Challenges in Supply Chain is made easier with faster-supplying platforms that are on the top-notch of consideration while after-sales makes them more preferable from a consumer perspective.


Organizations contribute to the solutions faced by various retailers irrespective of business size, competition, and various other conditions including climate disasters, pandemics, etc. Overcome the Supply Chain Challenges, as you learn and explore solutions for improved customer-centric behavior towards your businesses.

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