Tourism and Travel has been a growing sector in India and around the world. But what are the major constraints that most of the tourists consider? Of course Budget. You look at the expenditures on everything including tourism. Cheap travel to India is possible with the following best locations that are budget-friendly.

Goa- Surrounded by beaches

These foreign attractions, particularly for people from the western countries have their holiday time in and around Goa. Approximately 50 beautiful beaches are comprised of North & South Goa. While you have great joy, Goa can be one of the mesmerizing trips with cheap travel to India. Take a glance at the Portuguese architectures, palm tree lined villages along with the beaches such as Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and many more. You never give up visiting back; get more and more entertainment out with your trip to Goa.

Alleppey- The Venice of east

Alleppey (or Alappuzha) is located in the state of Kerala, known to be God’s own country. The place of destiny has huge waterways beside the counties and considered to be relevant for major transport activities. You can enjoy the trip to a great extent with pocket-saving trips at Alleppey from one to other beautiful locations, in the lakes and islands. To name a few: Vembanad lake, Alappuzha beach, Pandavan rock, Pathiramanal island, St. Mary Forane Church are the locations that are a must to visit. October to February is a favorable time that you can spend at Alleppey with its beauty.

Kanyakumari- The southernmost town

The country ends here. With India bordering at the southernmost tip, Kanyakumari is the final beauty you can visit on the Indian map. Kanyakumari can be a destiny for tourist’s eager in visiting India’s amazing featuring locations. Don’t miss out on the combination of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean approaching together. The fact can only be agreed upon viewing the reality. True! The sunrise and sunset can be amazing at the Vivekananda rock memorial.

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