Selenium is the best cloud based application testing tool, has been in use by many companies to overcome the redundancy errors. Various elements such as software, hardware, and infrastructure have the necessity for testing. In the similar manner, many critical production applications are safeguarded as the oracle cloud testing using selenium is performed on the major elements. Cloud computing solutions prioritize test servers on demand and hence the testing is quickly in implementation on such servers. Accordingly, all severs including standby servers go through the phase of testing (manually or automatically) during each update.

How does Selenium work?

Selenium has been popularly in consideration for the reason being simpler and flexible in usage with its respective tools. The compatibility with several browsers and easier writing of text scripts are significant considerations too.  In addition, It supports a variety of programming languages, including C#, Python, Java, and Ruby. Below are the 4 key benefits of Selenium:

  • Cost effective & Time-Saving: Selenium is an open source tool and its grid performs parallel execution of the test cases.
  • Operating System: Supports multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Framework: It handles multiple frameworks like JUnit, NUnit, Bromine, TestNG, and RSpec, which make the automation more robust and can develop own framework.
  • Browser: Supports multiple browsers such as IE, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. Thus it can be in use for cross-browser testing and easy integration on the new browsers is also possible.

Selenium for Cloud Application Testing

This Oracle testing tool is in wide use with web-based applications, and deployed on the cloud servers as a lot of companies are growing with cloud infrastructure. Many testing projects are successfully delivered with the implementation of the tool as an open source solution. It can be used with cloud services to test web apps across different platforms and browsers.

Cloud Testing Automation Framework

Automation framework provides a structured way in obtaining effective results with required quality and quantity. There are many predefined frameworks in Selenium that deliver desired results in stipulated time.

What is a Selenium framework?

Selenium framework is a code structure for making code maintenance simpler, and code readability better. A framework involves breaking the entire code into smaller pieces of code, which test a particular functionality.

There are 3 different frameworks with Selenium that include Data Driven framework, Keyword Driven framework, and Hybrid framework

Features of a Selenium Data Driven Framework

Data driven framework is in implementation with several ways, and each differs with the effort to develop the framework and maintenance.

Here are the features of Selenium in developing data driven framework:

  • Execution is possible with one click either from Jenkins or locally.
  • Automatic execution is possible while using Jenkins when any changes are in the BitBucket/Git code.
  • Selenium is powerful in working with different browsers such as chrome, mozilla, and opera.
  • VSDDF manages user functioning easily using maven-based framework.
  • VSDDF provides a feature for uploading test results to Test Rail (test management tool) using Test Rail APIs.
  • Detailed report generation includes application logs, line and bar graphs, platform details, test execution details such as the number of passes, the number of fails, total test cases, each test case with line by line test steps, screen shot at the time of failure, etc.

Benefits of a Selenium Data Driven Framework

  • Les maintenance, highly productive and scalable.
  • Less manual power and hence cost-effective.
  • Test cases can be easy to create using scripts in excel.
  • Manual test methods can be in implementation using customization in the application.
  • All the test cases can be maintained in the same sheet.
  • Altering the data in the script and executing it multiple times is possible.
  • Error handling can be done easily.

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