Apple, as many of its users know is keen at design and performance of devices. But obviously, electronics run with issues at times. Here are the issues and solutions.

MacBook Issues

When talking about Laptop issues, many come into action. What are the major problems faced by MacBook users?

● Display not turning ON

● Power issues

● Keyboard issues

● Data loss or drive failure

● Logic board issues

Also, time consumption is the area that many other Service Centers look into when diagnosing electronics, Laptops in particular. But Apple does it with the utmost concern for the customers that indeed brings loyalty to the brand.

Below are the MacBook issues explained in detail:

Display not turning ON

There have been many issues noted on dark screen even when the power supply is connected to MacBook. Just crosscheck if the actual issue is with power or display.

You may detect the issue of Power or Display by following few steps. There’s a fan or drive running with noise after the power button on the device is ON. You may also observe a tiny noise that indicates the device is ON. Another possible way is to give a try by pressing Caps lock that indicates Light on the device.

In case, you find the Display is the problem, walk-in to the service center. Click here to know the available Apple Service Centers. You can enter the Category from the pick list and enter the location pin code to track the nearest Service Center.

Power issues

For Power issues, the user himself/herself can inspect a few basics that might be lagging yet times in a hurry.

One among them is a defective socket that the device is plugged in. Sometimes, we might not be able to know if the socket isn’t working. Try plugging-in another socket which is working.

Another thing that might be stopping your MacBook to turn ON is Battery drain. In the last run, keeping your MacBook for a long time without charging into the port can also be a reason. Try charging it for quite some time to check if it turns ON.

Keyboard issues and Data loss

There have been users raising Keyboard issues since late June 2016, says a report. Keyboard issue even leads to Data loss or Drive failure sometimes.

Although this isn’t a manufacturing defect, however, has been happening with many of the recently released MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

So such data loss issues are carefully taken into consideration at Apple Service Centers to prevent data loss after they start handling the Keyboard issues.

Logic board issues

MacBook Rumors reported that there was a certain group of MacBook Pro’s since June 2018 with Solid state drives and main Logic boards for replacement. These were caused due to functional key failures, it says.

While models that went on sale starting from 2017 had few issues with Logic board issues due to functional keys, confirms Apple in a report.

Apple Service Centers are always well organized to take care of customers devices with issues. Also, they welcome the concerns and suggestions with improvements in service.

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