Geofencing for mobile apps is an easy way for marketers to take advantage of the proximity based marketing. Geofences help reach the right audiences around you and allows with mobile users when they enter the set proximity.

How does Geofencing work?

Mobile app product owners and marketers can send push notifications using a marketing automation tool. A relevant notification pops up on the display of the mobile which reveals your business.

Getting started with Geofencing is easy: All you need is an app and GPS coordinates. As I mentioned earlier, this is not something that every customer has the capacity to use on their phone, so take proper steps to inform your current social audience that you are now actively putting out Geofencing promotions.

Uses of Geofencing for Marketing

Geofencing as a powerful tool has its own advantages although cannot be compared to an Online marketing strategy. Following are the benefits of marketing with Geofencing:

• Improve sales locally

In the recent past, the search volume for any kind of business such as food, clothing, etc has been widely in surge. Customers have been preferring local businesses (online in particular) for quick delivery of the desired products. This adds an advantage of implementing Geofencing for the local business owners to attract customers and improve sales. So a push notification displaying your business products on the customers mobile devices is the easiest way to the locals.

• Increase analytics and tools for metric analysis

Its not so easy to measure local sales with respect to a customer visiting the store after having seen you online. But the situation of analyzing several metrics at a time is easier with Geofencing promotions. You can interpret the number of sales, how long they are in your store, and how often they visit your business. The whole information can be a good analytics parameter for your future reference too.

• Greet with daily/seasonal offers

The major benefit of Geofencing is that it allows you to collect data in order to personalize customer offers. Detailed demographics about the local population, including the offers and interests can be implemented in your store. In case you look back at the purchase history and realize that local customers prefer a certain product, you can alter your promotions accordingly.

When should app marketers send geopush notifications?

App marketers need to use the same logic for Geofencing push notifications as they do for regular push notifications – aim to add value. If you’re going to send a Geofencing push notification when a user is outside your store, make sure it is relevant to them and not just a desperate plea for attention.

Locations that suit Geofencing

Not all the areas work for the Mobile app marketers with Geofencing but around any location where it grabs customer engagement and insights about their audience. Below can be few areas picked for Geofenceing:

  • Brick & mortar locations
  • Competitor locations
  • Major events (sporting, concerts, road races, etc.)
  • Airports
  • Public places of interest

Key Factors of implementing Geofencing

Consider all the typical aspects of your existing marketing strategy before you launch, including the following:

• Customer demographics and insights

Before you begin marketing, make sure you understand customer demographics and who your local customers actually are. This helps ensure that the promotions you use are, in fact, the ones that are going to be most successful and get the kind of results you want.

• Keep it close

You do not want to have your Geofencing area too large. In fact, the general rule is a four-to-five minute travel radius. If you are in a city where most people walk from point A to point B, then this means you want to keep it a four-to-five minute walking radius; alternatively, if most people drive, a four-to-five minute transport distance is the maximum to be successful.

• Immediate action

Make sure your call to action is clear and requires immediate action. The goal is to advertise in a way that is going to get people into your location immediately.

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