The growth of new Technologies and related products is hitting huge in the market day-by-day. Starting from software-related to data-management to hiring-resources, each phase of business activity is getting to closer to involvement with technology.

AI, IoT, CRM, and Cloud Computing are few buzzing technologies that took a leap post 2010. Since then, lot of organizations are focusing growth with these tremendous data-science technologies.

When considering the pros these technologies create with a better world, CONs do exist in parallel with the innovations. Let’s have a detailed note of such ETHICAL DRAWBACKS that exist, while we discuss the basics of each technology, in this article.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), most heard term in the recent times is a ubiquitous technology being implemented by many corporate sectors. AI is a computer controlled robot that uses human intelligence in machines. Major changes in business strategies to gain development at a faster pace is what most of the large companies like bringing in with AI.


This development is a tragic move that reduces down manpower drastically. Investment on these kinds of evolving technologies is another consideration. The acceleration in development is the biggest challenge to face by many organizations.

How is it a challenge? This new technology exists as a super power to process things easier; categorizing bulk data at office, developing business strategies, managing restaurants, and many more. But all these need clear commands to the machines to overcome the issues of company’s reputation.

A simple security issue or internal error that the coding or inexperienced team gets’ into, repeating the same error by the AI developed machine- this runs the management into issues when dealing with partners.


All the employment, management and security issues are major concerns when dealing with AI. And of course, this best show-casing technology can have a great number of resources working on it as it’s known to be the future. The management and security considerations will soon wipe away as the people get used to the working better, as we go.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the best tools ever to manage the sales process. CRM tools including ZOHO and many more gain momentum in sales process optimization, with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT).

With AI trending these days, organizations have been keen at developing technology with AI continuously. AI with CRM can show the best results in the near future as AI capability has been improving. As we know, AI reduces errors with system based software which people might have overlooked.

Invention of smart phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets; internet or data usage has reached many hands and is accessible anytime, anywhere.

An alarm gadget or device that starts the day to gadgets used all through the day that are connected to the internet, is what is called Internet of Things (IoT). Many Tech companies are looking forward to inculcate IoT and produce varied features to their clients.


Usage of the database with CRM is a kind of privacy that turns to be an issue when mishandled. Organizations have a positive approach when building a business with customers, yet intense care with their interests is to be protected by securing data.

When discussing about IoT dis-advantages, to what cost is the Internet related devices usage safe? No, spending ‘N’ amount of money cannot bring health-says scientists. The radiations released from the telecommunication networks have huge impact on the physical body. The mental nature gets disturbed either, studies reveal.

Many researchers and philanthropists have a different view on IoT or internet stuff. The technology has to be handled in a way it needs to be- they speak. Over-usage can harm the brain, and can extend to the significant issues with immune system as people get addicted to internet 24×7.


CRM- Proper assistance to the respective teams handling the software can improve safety and security issues.

IoT- Let the brain think for itself. No mis-handling please.

Cloud Computing

Cloud management platform allows you to run the business with one, two or more cloud computing services, depending on the requirement. It is just a new way of doing business. All the workloads can be run on a variety of clouds including public clouds, third-party public clouds, hosted private clouds, and collocation servers while managing them through a single pane of glass.


There are some drawbacks with cloud computing. For instance, most public cloud providers offer volume discounts, where prices are reduced as customers buy more of a particular service. It is more complicated for an organization to gain the discounts when it doesn’t concentrate its business with a single cloud provider.

Also, a multi-cloud deployment requires an IT staff to have multiple kinds of cloud platform or provider expertise. Application management and workload in multi-cloud computing is a challenge, as information moves from one cloud platform to other.


With an experience staff and well-reputed higher level management, the challenges can be just passing clouds that don’t last long. Expertise is all that matters when computing data on clouds.


Pros and Cons go hand-in-hand. It’s neither organizations nor people to worry when developments happen with errors occurring in the mean time. The focus on these emerging technologies is growing in many parts across the world.

As we overcome the dis-advantages mentioned in this article, soon there’s a possibility for better world. These ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS are just a look-up as many firms have already started working on it to turn-out for success.

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