Ahead of the election results in India on 23rd May, various surveys revealed exit polls on 20th May. BJP backed NDA has a lot more support shows the surveys.

What’s more important for the economy to be justified, is the way which’s growing by wealth generation with respective government ruling the country. The present government at the centre led by Narendra Modi has backed the economy well since the past 5 years. Many trips round the globe by the Prime Minister in his 5 year tenure drove lump some FDI’s to the Indian Stock Market.

20th May Sensex Figures

Going deep into the market just after the exit polls revealing the current alliance (NDA) ruling the country will regain its power. This indeed boasts the stock market with immense figures rising both in Sensex and Nifty. At the end of the day on 20th May, Sensex ended up at 39,353 with 1,422 points increase and Nifty at 11,828 with 421 points increase respectively. However, the day’s high stood as much increase as 1,482 points and 438 points for Sensex and Nifty respectively.

As the assumptions for exit polls go high with almost all the surveys revealing the same result of NDA win, with a few changes in figures of majority. Nonetheless, the actual date of results on 23rd May would forecast the existence of assumptions.

Election Results 2019 & Economy: 23 May

With just a day to go, all the anticipation of political parties messes up with words, thoughts and actions. The actual results would match or overtake the assumptions of exit polls says the Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) led NDA, while we overrule the exit polls results and form the government says UPA.

Experts hereby conclude there might be a rally way high in Stock Markets in case of the NDA win as the consistency follows, while there might be nothing negative although a new government comes into existence. Let’s have a watch on how the predictions go and impacts shown on the economy with respect to the election results 2019.

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