Beyond spending day-to-day life in routine, the human body tends to undergo change at times. This indeed can be in the form of relaxation, recreation or a long outing. But why and how is the joyous time being neglected? Is it really necessary having it in one’s life to stay healthy?

Let’s find out how and where is the real life healthy apart from daily exercises and food habits.

Humans present lifestyle

People literally have no time for a personal ride with family, neither a long drive nor a nearby visit. This has driven an average life span of humans too much low compared to the ancient period. Never a sport at a young age and a trip to grandma’s house are encouraged at present, such has become the lifestyle of a typical human being. This has a great impact on the future as it continues. So, what would be realistically possible to end up such a drama and pump lives in an enthusiastic way? 

Recreation- An option for healthy lifestyle

Many places provide a way that you never expect, ironically, that transforms your pleasant mindset from sticking moody. However, such places around the world might be a dream for all to reach out as proximity is a major constraint.

But, for people in reach of Hyderabad Suburbs have an option of going to District Gravity. An adventure park that drives you to excitement and thrill that you’ll remember forever. This wouldn’t be an option that you recommend to others whilst you make it a compulsion for them reaching it.

District Gravity- The Adventure Park

Saying an adventure park that you reach heights of excitement doesn’t fulfil its gag, pull back of Gravity accompanies goose bumps at times perfectly denotes it. A day visit calms down all the negativity and is so necessary to reach out such places.

District Gravity

Can there be a thrill or fun when you succeed a medal on distinction with a degree or project completion well in advance of the stipulated time period? Few unknowingly feel that would bring the pleasure of confidence for the future. But it obviously can’t be a reason for health improvement.

Who can visit?

Place that can be visited with Friends, Family, and Colleagues can definitely be a memory that lasts long and suffice betterment to your mental conditions. Doctors have been advising to visit places for refreshment as many are undergoing a stressed lifestyle.

Why District Gravity?

District Gravity holds a special place in assuring thrilling activities at affordable prices. People visiting the place had no thought of negative feedback until now and the management is successful in conducting safe drives through the air. Cases with accidents have been noted at many adventurous parks, but there’s utmost care of visitors taken at District Gravity.


District Gravity categorizes Terrain, Aerial, and Ball Sports as the major activities on the top level.

Terrain- Mixture of emotions

Terrain includes:

• ‘Mud Run’ with huge volumes participating all through the day. Many of us might be recollecting that playing in mud is really healthy that is proved scientifically.

• ‘Paint Ball’ & ‘Archery’ that help grow your concentration to be focussed. Both the activities are kind of talented games which require attention at peaks.

District Gravity

• ‘Chicane Circuit’ motivates you winning with fun by karting approved by CIK and to explore people’s behaviour. Behaviour comes by the way of living, few take it so serious while others take it sportive when winning upon a group. This showcases the mind-set of a being at various ages, as it keeps changing with respect to environment they live in.

Terrain activities promote and guide the way of person’s behaviour gathering different emotions for a better and healthy lifestyle.

Aerial- Adventurous Excitement

For people having stress all through the week with business or work, enjoy a thrilling experience that you have never seen before.

Human Slingshot’ throws way high when bumping on a sponged huge ball, keeps few milliseconds away from the world. By the time you get cautious, you can find yourself in the air.

One of India’s longest ‘Zipline’ which is 500 meters from the surface level is another adventure that you really enjoy in the air.

District Gravity

Giant Swing’, swinging like a pendulum in the air 50 feet away from land must be a thrill and you never give up watching others doing it. India’s tallest ‘Rope Course’ adds thrill of balancing yourself at different heights that are levelled in accordance to age groups from Kids to Adults.


The most adventurous activities are now at cheaper cost that you never expect at District Gravity. Below are the Entry packages to start into the world of adventure: 

Little Champs- Rs 599 (Week days) – Rs 699 (Weekends and Holidays)

Commando- Rs 999 (Week days) – Rs 1,099 (Weekends and Holidays)

Daredevil- Rs 1,499 (Week days) – Rs 1,599 (Weekends and Holidays)

Note: Additional Prices may vary with respect to each activity and can pay directly once you enter that particular area to participate.

District Gravity Location

On the Sub-Urban area of Hyderabad, District gravity is exactly located in Shamirpet. Using Google Maps to reach this adventurous spot , Click here.

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