Cloud Technology including the resources such as data and storage is high in demand. It paved the way to revolutionize the IT industry at a vastly growing rate. Cloud development not only made a huge positive impact on public and private enterprises but also small-scale businesses.

Yet, there are very few challenges that occur in real-time, with Cloud Technology.

1. Data Security and Privacy

This major concern occurs while switching to cloud computing from traditional data storage methods.

User authentication and authorization, data encryption, identity management, and access control provided overcomes the challenge when data is stored in the cloud.

2. Cost Management

The consecutive challenge is with cloud computing risks involving costs. Instances of the on-demand and scalable nature of cloud computing services make it expensive.

3. Governance or Control

IT governance may significantly involve a policy of ensuring IT assets, in most cases. So, they need to be implemented and used according to the procedures and ensure proper maintenance.

4. Performance Challenges

Cloud-based solutions include performance as an important factor. With a lapse in time, while loading a web page or an app, the result from the end-user might be in form of a high bounce rate.

5. Compliance

It is important to keep in mind compliance with Cloud Technology to ensure the smooth operation of the cloud.

Adopting Cloud Technology

  • Automating as many manual tasks as possible.
  • Orchestration of tasks to execute in the right order with data.

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