One of the favorite scenic spot, Baga Beach in Goa turns out be a confusion to reach for tourists following Google Maps. Why is it so?

A major error reportedly guiding the famous Baga Beach on Google Maps has started going viral. This is after a Twitter User Sumanth Raj Urs posts a banner image on his account. Google Maps is arguably one of the most useful mobile applications by a technology company.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach- Wrong Turn by Google Maps

Now, locals have taken the issue themselves by displaying a banner that explains the right way to reach Baga. The banner says, “You are fooled by Google Map. This road doesn’t take you to Baga Beach!!! Turn back and take a left turn. Baga is 1 KM from here.”

This initiative is much appreciated to guide the tourists, however Google might fix the issue soon while its spread hugely. Technology faces faults yet times, this incident clearly proves the case.

About Google Maps

Google Maps provides services with respect to locations to both users and is also much helpful for major ride-sharing services. Some of the key features of Google Maps include calculating the distance between your location and destination and suggesting the best route based on traffic conditions.

While it is most widely used mapping service in the world, there are times when Google Maps make a mistake. The alternate routes might be a way to guide to the destination when mapping is improper, but Google does it well in updating of routes. Few times we also see people asking others on the roadside for way to reach their destination, even when following Google Maps.

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