Many celebrities along with Users of Social Networking Websites have been participating in 10 Year Challenge. Few say this can be taken as positive by looking behind the previous energies that boost the present while some conclude it might end up in bad vibes when something went wrong in the past.

There were a lot of celebrities who took up this challenge while Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MSD), one of the world’s best cricketers stood in this news with respect to the trend he set up through his career. The average was the highlighting aspect in comparison to a decade from 2009 and 2019. This has been a notable thing despite his age growth.

10 year challenge

MSD #10 year Challenge

The style of his batting and way he acts behind the stumps has been never changing says everyone and the Social Sites who know well about him. The above image clearly reveals nothing has changed in his batting style and the way he smashes sixes to be the great finisher of the game. On the right is the snap from recent series against Australia.

Highlighting the batting average of 50.82 in 2009 and 50.81 at end of 2018, the wick-keeper batsman proved age doesn’t make a difference when passion keeps you going. Indeed it was the last year when MSD had hard times, yet strives to stay strong by just showing off his bat style. In spite of controversies with words, he stays calm as always and speaks with his bat.

MSD in recent Australia Series

It was the last year when he couldn’t bag a single fifty or hundred and had the worst record of 71.42 strike rate in his 12 years international cricket career. But, after a 3-month gap at the end of 2018 MS came back to ODI Series against Australia.

He was criticized for scoring 51 runs in 97 balls which pushed the match to be lost. Later, the 2nd and 3rd ODI’s were given strong support by MSD which turned out to be winning matches for Team India. The scores were 55 runs and 87 runs off 54 balls and 114 balls in both matches respectively.

The ODI Series win made India as the country winning all formats of a single tournament and never before this happened with any other country ‘in-and-against’ Australia.

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